Opus Oaks Closing

Opus Oaks, An Art Place – the school, the library, and the frame shop – are closing at the end of December. The Berryville art school has been in operation since 1999. Founded by Bonnie Jacobs, Malcolm Harlow and Gale Bowman-Harlow, the school has provided art classes, after school programs and weekend workshops.

Gale Bowman-Harlow has served as executive director since the beginning, building classes, designing programs as well as overseeing the financial components of the school. She is heading in a new direction as well.

The school has served hundreds of students in Clarke County and around the region, but has always relied heavily on grants and donations to continue operations. Opus Oaks is preparing to move out of our First Street building by the end of December and to sell supplies that are no longer needed. We are looking for a home for our 3,000 volume library of cataloged art books.

The Board of Opus Oaks would like to extend its most sincere thanks for all of the community support throughout the years. Our donors have been most unbelievably generous with their financial support, and our volunteers have given with their hearts, enthusiasm, loyalty and dedication. Manci and George Ohrstrom, Bob and Bonnie Jacobs, your everlasting support has been immeasurably helpful and a true blessing.   Our creative teachers over the years have been cohorts in bringing magical art to many people in a spirit of collaboration and “out of the box” projects.  Thank you all!

We would also like to express our appreciation for our partners. Clarke County Parks and Recreation has been a companion of mutual support and a brilliant avenue to connect with students. Most recently, our partnership with Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy has been a blessing and an ideal resource within the Winchester community.

On a personal note from Gale and Malcolm: “We deeply appreciate all of the board members, both past and present, who have given their guidance, time and volumes of ideas and plans to keep Opus Oaks as a resource for the people in our communities.”

Students who have items stored at the studio, should pick them up before November 22 – sooner would be even better. Supplies that are no longer needed will be for sale, probably on a date sometime in December.

Also, one of our board members, Pam Lettie, is putting together a book of Opus Oaks memories; if you have something you would like to share, please email her at pamlettie@gmail.com.